About Us

Talsoft provides innovative industry 4.0 software solutions to the automation world.
We support organisations in achieving operational and sustainable excellence in the long run. We are pioneers in our way of automatically collecting, analyzing, reporting and transferring information from a wide range of sources.

Our product portfolio is based on learnings from the past, in order to answer the business needs of today and to create the pathway for the future. Thanks to our product portfolio, almost all your organizational secrets/black-boxes can be revealed. We deliver you a bridge to the inside details of your factory.

Some of our customers

LANXESS is a specialty chemicals enterprise at the core of the chemical industry that focuses on premium businesses. To this end LANXESS employs an expert workforce with a multitude of different skills – worldwide. Here in Antwerp we are using the T*Star software of Talsoft to collect and process our real-time data coming form several DCS Systems. An easy user interface within an excel application allows our internal customers to graph their KPI's on the timescale of their choice. This Management Information system enables us, the Energy Department within Lanxess N.V. Antwerp, to follow accurately the production and consumption of the different energy utilities (electricity, steam, water, ...) over several locations and plants in the Chem Park. In all these years we had an excellent support of Talsoft in customisation and support of the software and the integration with our systems.

J. Doms


We work together with Talsoft since the year 2000. We know Talsoft, and Lieven Taleman particularly, as a company who understands the needs of the client and try’s to find the most satisfactory solution to fulfill those needs. They have a very good knowledge of DCS and Scada systems as well as up to date technology to provide solid applications. A very good ‘listing and solution’ company.

R. De Maeyer


At our Antwerp site we are using software from Talsoft for several years. The software is installed as a 3rd party software on our Invensys Foxboro I/A DCS in several chemical plants and is running succesful since 2006. In 2011 we have purchased the Foxray software (distributed and supported by Talsoft) and making our first experiences with it at the moment.

J. Beullens